I am so lucky to play a small role in serving my community with my skills. I am beyond privileged to have seen the impact of food on an intimate level serving as a humanitarian photographer in a variety of places. I’ve not only helped serve food to refugees on the border of war-torn Mali, I’ve planted mango trees in rehabilitation clinics, I’ve shared breakfast with children abandoned by AIDS, and delivered donkeys to rural villages to help cultivate the land in the midst of draught. When I hear the trendy foodie around town say, ‘Food is life’ I understand that phrase in a way most first-world citizens never will. I do not take food insecurity lightly and that is a large reason why I choose FOOD to begin with. To use my talents to build relationships and start sincere, intimate, conversations with the most influential chefs, hospitality groups, and catering companies this area has to offer. I want to bring change to our city as our foodie culture continues to grow into the future.

Today, you will find me serving on a more local level. I can be found serving in the garden and helping fundraise for Learning Gate Community School (eco-free-charter school based in Lutz, FL), scrubbing fuzz off of donated YAMS at Feeding Tampa Bay, and capturing a variety of charity food events. I support the following organizations throughout the year: Feeding Tampa Bay, Metropolitan Ministries, and The Community Food Pantry.