A Blank Plate’s mission is to provide the most personable, laid-back, and minimalistic food photography approach to Tampa Bay’s growing and delicious foodie scene.

My name is Danielle and I launched ‘A Blank Plate’ because I wanted to get away from a life of being ‘followed’ on social, egos, and influencer marketing. I crave simple, real, authenticity with every fiber of my being (I’m an Enneagram 4, so that should explain a lot). With that said, I’m eternally grateful you took the time to explore this site and my work. Here’s what you should know about me, in order of importance:

  • I’m a really freaking cool MOM of two really freaking cool kids! They come first. When they aren’t in school, we are traveling, hiking, fishing, and enjoying this wonderful planet we’ve been gifted. I intentionally book sessions between the hours of 9am-2pm, weekdays only.

  • I’m the most laid back, non-make-up wearing, pony-tail rocking, tennis shoes toting kind of gal.

  • I have been in the photography industry for well over 20 years, 10 of those years in portrait, wedding, and humanitarian work.

  • I understand the importance of REAL HUNGER outside of Instagram flat-lays and trendy hashtags. I’ve been to some really great places, to help photograph, fundraise, and feed some really hungry people near and far. Burkina Faso, West Africa, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cape Town, South Africa and a few other spots around the globe.

  • I shoot natural light exclusively. I believe natural light environments are the most authentic and complimentary ways to capture fresh food best.

  • I enjoy photographing food most, because it can be as simple or as complex as we make it. I prefer simplicity these days. I recently sold my disruptive wedding blog/platform (Black Sheep Bride) because I wanted to restore authentic balance and simplicity back into my life.

  • I will sing (unapologetically) at any given moment while I’m working… you’ve been warned. I will make friendly conversation with whoever is willing to chat. I will also dance and it won’t be pretty. Genres range from show tunes to 90’s R&B to Dungeon Family and Biggie. I’m not sorry.

  • I’ve spoken at a LOT of events, in front of a lot of people: Fearless Photographers, TEDx, ACE Creative Conference, etc.

  • I’ve been featured in a LOT of places: Millennial Magazine, New York Times, The Lakelander, Jacksonville Business Journal, etc.

With minimalism in mind, and family at heart, I created A BLANK PLATE to provide refreshingly simple imagery to local chefs, caterers, restaurant groups, food bloggers, food trucks, and beyond. No fake lights, no fake followers, or fake inedible photo props… just all natural, down to earth, authentic food, presented in a refreshingly simple way and well loved.